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In 1992, Hospice Africa (HA) began as a small charity in Liverpool, U.K. The vision,”palliative care for all in need in Africa,” was born from the founder’s experiences in Nigeria in ‘60s, Singapore in the 80’s and Kenya in the 90’s, where she had witnessed intense unrelievable physical suffering. In 1993, Dr. Merriman started HA Uganda (HAU) with three nurses and three months worth of funding. Twenty-five years later, HAU has cared for over 31,000 patients and Uganda has been internationally recognised as the only country in Africa with comprehensive palliative care by the WHO and WHPCA (World Hospice and Palliative Care Alliance 2016) and is now seen as the model for palliative care for African countries (Lien Foundation). Care is provided mainly in people’s own homes and at roadside clinics. The hospice ethos focuses on caring for patient and family. The ethos is captured by a comment from a patient’s daughter, “We don’t even call them doctors; we call them family members. The way they treat us is like family.” For more information: http://www.annemerrimanfoundation.org/hospice-africa-uganda/

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