15Nov '18


Action for Fundamental Change and Development (AFFCAD) is a youth-led organisation devoted to transform the living conditions in the poorest slums of Uganda’s capital, Kampala. AFFCAD itself is based in one of the slums, Bwaise II. It has a population of 90,000 people, with 65% of the residents aged between 15 and 25. Many residents have to rely on informal incomes, such as petty trading and, in some cases, prostitution. AFFCAD was set up in 2009 to change this. One of the AFFCAD prrogrammes and the one that was funded this year is the Excel Education Centre was started out to offer free primary school education to 200 orphaned children and those from HIV/AIDS and poverty affected families. Today it continues that tradition and now offers free primary school education to the children of Bwaise. Such is the popularity of this programme and to meet growing demand AFFCAD are going through a building programme to extend the school. For more information see:

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